Three-Dimensional Bio-Printed Microenvironments for Studying Cancer Metastasis

Monica Moya | 17-ERD-054

Executive Summary

We are investigating how to bio-print and computationally model vascular flow of three-dimensional human tissue structures, which has applications to rapid drug discovery, personalized medicine, and therapeutic countermeasures. While providing insight into the cancer metastatic process, this research will also support novel applications for three-dimensional bio-printing.

Publications and Presentations

Hynes, J. A., et al. 2018. "Bioprinting the Blood-Brain Barrier Microenvironment for the Validation of a Computational Model for Cancer Metastasis." LLNL-POST-746992.

Moya, M. L., et al. 2018. "CNS and BBB Experimental Models with Enhanced Cellular Complexity and Architecture." LLNL-PRES-753318.