Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Kyle Wendt


We are performing an in-depth study of the role of two-nucleon currents in electroweak processes using light nuclei as a workbench to compute these processes and quantify their uncertainties. If successful, the results will fill a knowledge gap in the field of atomic nuclei interactions and inform model-independent predictions of nuclear processes relevant to mission-related activities that rely on nuclear, chemical, and isotopic science.

Publications and Presentations

Hernandez, O. J., S. Bacca, and K. A. Wendt. 2018. "Recent Developments in Nuclear Structure Theory: An Outlook on the Muonic Atom Program." Proceedings of the 55th International Winter Meeting on Nuclear Physics. LLNL-PROC-742212.

Wendt, K. A. 2018. "Novel Method for Computing the Tensor Multipole Expansion of Two Nucleon Currents in Momentum Space." 5th Joint Meeting of the APS Division of Nuclear Physics and the Physical Society of Japan, Waikaloa, HI, October 2018. LLNL-ABS-753968.