Large-Scale, Two-Photon, Three-Dimensional Printing Enabled by Metaoptics

Xiaoxing Xia | 22-ERD-004

Executive Summary

We will utilize machine-learning-designed metaoptic arrays to scale up two-photon, three-dimensional printing for wafer-scale additive manufacturing, offering submicron resolution and substantially faster printing throughput. If successful, project outcomes will open doors to a vast, unexplored application space of micro/nano-architected materials, which can be rationally designed, computationally optimized, and additively manufactured for enhanced and novel functionalities in high-strain-rate mechanics, high-energy-density physics, energy storage, carbon reduction, and microelectronics. 

Publications, Presentations, and Patents

Xia, Xiaoxing, Christopher M. Spadaccini, and Julia R. Greer. "Responsive Materials Architected in Space and Time." Nature Reviews Materials 7 2022: 683-701. (Journal Cover).