Bioscience and Bioengineering

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Project Title   Project Code   Principal Investigator   Project Type   Project Status  
Microbial Characterization of Combat-Patient Wounds to Improve Healing 17-ERD-031 Nicholas Be Exploratory Research Final
Longitudinal Monitoring of Ribonucleic Acid Content of a Live Cell with a Nanotube Pore Interface 18-ERD-011 Aleksandr Noy Exploratory Research Continuing
A Computational Approach to Improve Prediction of Off-Target Drug Binding Using Membrane Bilayer Effects 18-ERD-035 Helgi Ingolfsson Exploratory Research Final
Stable Isotope Probing and Viromics: Quantifying Virus-Host and Carbon Cycling Dynamics in Soil with Isotope-Targeted Metagenomics 18-ERD-041 Steven Blazewicz Exploratory Research Continuing
Optical Interconnect for High-Density Neural Signals 18-ERD-042 Razi-ul Haque Exploratory Research Final
Bioprinting Breast Cancer In Situ to Study Cell Communication in Disease Progression 18-ERD-062 Claire Robertson Exploratory Research Continuing
A Deep Bayesian Active Learning Framework for Temporal Multimodal Data 19-ERD-009 Priyadip Ray Exploratory Research Continuing
Delivering Ribonucleic Acid Vaccines Using Nanoparticles 20-ERD-004 Nicholas Fischer Exploratory Research Continuing
Bioprinting of Engineered Biofilms for Microbial Electrosynthesis 20-ERD-013 William Hynes Exploratory Research Continuing
Flexible and High-Density Nerve Interface for Peripheral Neuromodulation 20-ERD-054 Razi-ul Haque Exploratory Research Continuing
Microbiome Controls on Harmful Algal Toxin Production in Lake Erie 20-ERD-061 Xavier Mayali Exploratory Research Continuing
Elucidating Algal–Bacterial Community Interactions by Tracking Volatile Biomarkers 19-FS-035 Matthias Frank Feasibility Study Final
Metamaterials for Mechanically Directing Cell Phenotype 19-FS-064 Karen Dubbin Feasibility Study Final
Using Microscale Models to Enhance Predictions of Damage to Soft Tissues 19-FS-070 Phillip Paul Feasibility Study Final
Vanishing Neural Probes: Chronic Implants on Resorbable Substrates 20-FS-008 Travis Massey Feasibility Study Final
Synthetic Biology for Nuclear Activity Detection 20-FS-009 Dan Park Feasibility Study Final
Boot Camp Bugs: Microbiomes of US Infantry Trainees 20-FS-029 Nicholas Be Feasibility Study Continuing
Rapid Detection of Candidates for Vaccines Against Biothreat Agents 18-LW-039 Magdalena Franco Lab-Wide Final
Three-Dimensional Bioprinted Aneurysm for Intervention Modeling Validation 19-LW-006 Monica Moya Lab-Wide Continuing
Antibacterial Minerals: A Geochemical Approach to Combating Antibiotic Resistance 19-LW-029 Keith Morrison Lab-Wide Continuing
Molecular Mechanisms of Bacterial Pathogenesis: Waging the Arms Race with Superbugs 19-LW-048 Brent Segelke Lab-Wide Final
Using High-Dimensional Omics Data to Identify Therapeutic Strategies for Promoting Tissue Repair and Regeneration 20-LW-002 Aimy Sebastian Lab-Wide Continuing
Incorporation of Carbon Electrodes on Flexible Microelectrode Arrays 20-LW-038 Allison Yorita Lab-Wide Continuing
Direct Visualization of Structural Maintenance of Chromosomes by Protein-Mediated Loop Extrusion Using High-Speed Atomic Force Microscopy 20-LW-040 Yuliang Zhang Lab-Wide Continuing
Engineered and Instrumented Three-Dimensional Tumor-Immune Model System 19-SI-003 Elizabeth Wheeler Strategic Initiative Continuing