Simulations of Interpenetrating Plasma

Debojyoti Ghosh | 17-ERD-081

Project Overview

This project investigated multifluid models for simulating interpenetrating plasmas. These models solve the Euler equations for each plasma stream along with an appropriate model for electron dynamics. The project developed a novel code, Euclid, that simulates these models using high-order conservative spatial-discretization methods and explicit and semi-implicit time-integration methods. Euclid was used to solve several multifluid test cases representative of plasma dynamics in high-energy-density physics experiments. Kinetic simulations of interpenetrating flows using the LOKI code, which simulates magnetic reconnection, revealed novel physical effects of the ion-ion streaming instability. A new multi-flow collision operator was developed for the LOKI code. A simple model of the ion–ion streaming instability was also developed. This project provided the necessary research foundation to allow high-fidelity multifluid, multispecies plasma simulations.

Mission Impact

This research continued Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory's leadership role in plasma physics simulation capabilities and directly advanced the Laboratory's core competencies in high-energy-density science and high-performance computing, simulation, and data science. Specifically, it increased Laboratory expertise in fluid and kinetic plasma models and simulation software for multifluid and kinetic simulations. By providing a unique capability to understand basic plasma physical processes, this project also informed research in the Laboratory's stockpile stewardship mission focus area.

Publications, Presentations, and Patents

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