High-Fidelity Kinetic Modeling of Plasmas in Z-Pinch and Pulsed-Power Configurations

Genia Vogman | 18-ERD-048


Plasma dynamics can be strongly influenced by fine-scale kinetic physics. However, fine-scale kinetic physics is not captured by standard fluid treatments, is challenging to simulate, and is poorly understood.

We aimed to investigate the fundamental fine-scale properties of collisionless plasmas in Z-pinch and pulsed-power configurations by deploying novel, noise-free high-accuracy computational algorithms. Significant advances were achieved through the development of robust numerical capabilities to exploit axisymmetry in kinetic simulations and new methodologies to construct kinetic equilibria along with the theoretical and computational study of kinetic sheared-flow-driven transport in pulsed-power systems. These new capabilities shed light on the anisotropies that can develop in Z-pinches and the transport processes that can lead to parasitic currents in pulsed-power inertial confinement fusion experiments. The high-fidelity kinetic modeling capabilities we developed extend our understanding and our ability to predict plasma microphysics, which plays a critical role in burning plasma experiments.

Impact on Mission

Our work to address outstanding scientific questions in plasma physics and advance plasma physics modeling leveraged and enhanced Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory's core competencies in high-energy-density science and high-performance computing. Our results pave the way for improved driver technologies for inertial confinement fusion capabilities that support the Laboratory's stockpile stewardship program.

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