Earth and Atmospheric Science

Project Title Tracking Code Author Project Type Project Status
Advancing Measurements and Understanding of the Rate and Structure of Atmospheric Warming 18-ERD-054 Stephen Po-Chedley Exploratory Research Progress
Dating Alluvial Landforms to Understand the Role of Climate in California's Water Supply 19-LW-036 Alan Hidy Laboratory-Wide Competitions Progress
Deeply Rooted: Evaluating Plant Rooting Depth as a Means for Enhanced Soil Carbon Sequestration 19-ERD-010 Erin Nuccio Exploratory Research Progress
Developing an Observation-Based Transfer Function for Climate Sensitivity 19-FS-022 Mark Zelinka Feasibility Study Final
Earthquake Predictions on the Sierra High-Performance Computing System 19-ERD-037 Arthur Rodgers Exploratory Research Final
Fiber-Optic Acoustic Sensors for Geophysical Applications 17-ERD-015 Robert Mellors Exploratory Research Final
Integrating climate model simulations and paleo data to constrain future drought risks over California 17-ERD-052 Susan Zimmerman Exploratory Research Final
Interseasonal Prediction of Western United States Snowpack with Deep Learning 19-ERD-032 Gemma Anderson Exploratory Research Progress
Measuring Atmospheric Gas Using Small Satellites 17-ERD-059 Vincent Riot Exploratory Research Progress
Probabilistic Predictions and Uncertainty Estimation for Radiological and Nuclear Effects Modeling 17-ERD-045 Donald Lucas Exploratory Research Progress
Using Passive Seismology to Map the Water within Critical Glacial Ice Sheets 19-FS-052 Eric Matzel Feasibility Study Final