Agile Mixing Platform Engineered for Transient Compositional Printing

Du Nguyen | 22-ERD-012

Executive Summary

We will enable a more agile development cycle for three-dimensional printing of functionally graded materials by using additive manufacturing to rapidly fabricate application-specific mixer and printer platforms. This capability will enable rapid development of multi-material structures, and will be useful for mission-relevant applications such as creating gradient-refractive-index optics with high quality.

Publications, Presentations, and Patents

Ha, Jungmin, Koroush Sasan, Timothy D. Yee, Andrew P. Lange, Du T. Nguyen, Nikola Dudukovic, and Rebecca Dylla-Spears. 2022. “Refractive Index and Abbe Number Tuning via 3D Printable Optical Quality Silica–Titania–Germania Glasses.” Advanced Photonics Research.