Chemical and Biological Countermeasures

Project Title Tracking Code Author Project Type Project Status
Construction of Genetic Sense-and-Respond Modules to Detect Viral Infection 18-ERD-034 Kenneth Overton Exploratory Research Progress
Creating Feature Representations of Antibody–Antigen Complexes for Fast Binding Prediction with Machine Learning 19-FS-059 Daniel Faissol Feasibility Study Final
Learning Interactions in Complex Biological Systems 17-ERD-036 Daniel Faissol Exploratory Research Final
Predicting Ionizing Radiation Exposure 19-FS-065 Lawrence Dugan Feasibility Study Final
Vaccination on the Fly: The Use of Mosquitoes to Vaccinate Bat Populations That Harbor Human Pathogens 19-DR-014 Monica Borucki Disruptive Research Progress