Chemical and Biological Countermeasures

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Project Title   Project Code   Principal Investigator   Project Type   Project Status  
Vaccination on the Fly: The Use of Mosquitoes to Vaccinate Bat Populations That Harbor Human Pathogens 19-DR-014 Monica Borucki Disruptive Research Continuing
Construction of Genetic Sense-and-Respond Modules to Detect Viral Infection 18-ERD-034 Kenneth Overton Exploratory Research Continuing
Profiling Neurological Consequences and Susceptible Populations of Chronic Opioid Use 20-ERD-009 Heather Enright Exploratory Research Continuing
Rapid Computational Identification of Therapeutic Targets for Pathogens 20-ERD-062 Jonathan Allen Exploratory Research Continuing
Building a Computational and Experimental Rapid Response Pipeline to Counter the Coronavirus Disease 2019 Outbreak and Emerging Biothreats 20-ERD-064 Magdalena Franco Exploratory Research Continuing
Identifying Potential Antiviral Small Molecules Against the Coronavirus Disease 2019 20-ERD-065 Felice Lightstone Exploratory Research Continuing
Bioprinting Transgenic Plant Cells for Chemical and Biological Countermeasure Production 20-FS-001 Jennifer Knipe Feasibility Study Final
Quantum Cascade Lasers with Submicrosecond Tuning Speed for the Detection of High Explosives and Chemical Warfare Agents 20-FS-044 Jerry Carter Feasibility Study Continuing
Engineering Yeast Biosensors for Pathogen Detection 20-LW-020 Tek Hyung Lee Lab-Wide Continuing