Advanced Materials and Manufacturing

Project Highlights


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Project Title Project Code Project Type Project Status
Accelerated Multi-Modal Manufacturing Optimization 20-ERD-036 Exploratory Research Final
Advanced Fabrication Techniques of Metal Hydrides for Science and Technology Applications 21-ERD-049 Exploratory Research Continuing
Advanced Manufacturing of Net-Shape Leading Edge Geometries for Hypersonic Flight 19-DR-002 Disruptive Research Final
Advanced Quantitative Metrology and Characterization for Manufacturing 20-SI-001 Strategic Initiative Final
Automated, High-Throughput Screening of Increased Ionic Conductivity Polymer Electrolytes 22-LW-006 Lab-Wide Continuing
Bespoke Gold Foams via Xerogel Templating 21-ERD-010 Exploratory Research Final
Building Materials Knowledge Models via Document Network Analysis 22-ERD-027 Exploratory Research Continuing
Characterizing Materials for Quantum Computing 20-ERD-010 Exploratory Research Final
Climbing over Energy Barriers: A New Paradigm for Accelerating Kinetics 19-DR-001 Disruptive Research Final
Confined Coaxial Powder Extrusion 22-FS-006 Feasibility Study Continuing
Converting Air into Ammonia via Advanced Manufactured Electrochemical Reactors 22-DR-016 Disruptive Research Continuing
Developing an Understanding and Control of Electrochemical Deposition Processes for Functional Coatings on Complex Three-Dimensionally Printed Substrates 20-ERD-056 Exploratory Research Continuing
Development of Metastable High Entropy Alloys for Additive Manufacturing 21-ERD-046 Exploratory Research Continuing
Dual-Energy Phase-Contrast Computed Tomography to Improve Material Discrimination 22-ERD-011 Exploratory Research Continuing
Enabling Multi-Material Metal Additive Manufacturing Builds through Electrostatic Powder Spreading 22-ERD-018 Exploratory Research Continuing
Gas Bubble Management for Electrochemical Systems 22-ERD-050 Exploratory Research Continuing
High Energy Density Supercapacitors 20-ERD-019 Exploratory Research Final
High-Efficiency Biomimetic Three-Dimensional Membranes 22-DR-003 Disruptive Research Continuing
Investigation of Scanning Droplet Cell Technology for Electrochemical Deposition of Custom Three-Dimensional Alloys 22-FS-031 Feasibility Study Final
Large-Scale, Two-Photon, Three-Dimensional Printing Enabled by Metaoptics 22-ERD-004 Exploratory Research Continuing