Parallel Two-Photon Polymerization for Sub-Micrometer Additive Manufacturing

Sourabh Saha | 16-ERD-047


Additive manufacturing (AM) generates complex, three-dimensional (3D) structures by controlling the geometry and material properties of individual building blocks. The two-photon polymerization (TPP) technique enables this level of control over sub-micrometer building blocks. Although TPP enables fabricating features on a length scale not possible with other AM techniques, it remains a niche technique limited to academic and research laboratories. Users could not take full advantage of TPP's sub-micrometer geometric control to fabricate functional 3D structures due to its low processing rate and small set of materials. Thus, there was a compelling need to increase the material processing rate and to develop custom two-photon polymerization resists.

Our project set out to design and develop the materials and equipment necessary to implement a submicrometer-scale projection-stereolithography AM system based on parallel TPP with ultrashort laser pulses. We successfully generated a parallel projection technique to increase the material processing rate by up to 1,000 times to scale up nanoscale AM. We directly measured material properties of the nanoscale features generated by TPP to enhance understanding of TPP's processing-property relationship. Finally, we generated novel photoresists for this technique to broaden the design space.

Impact on Mission

This project strengthened Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory's advanced materials and manufacturing core competencies. Our results advanced the Laboratory's laser target fabrication efforts relevant to mission challenges in high-energy-density science and stockpile stewardship and the DOE's nuclear security goal. Our work expanded DOE's goal to develop key science, technology, and engineering capabilities that modernize the national security infrastructure.

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