Advanced Materials and Manufacturing

Project Title Tracking Code Author Project Type Project Status
A New Science-Based Paradigm Enabling Microstructure-Tailored Additive Manufacturing of Metals 18-SI-003 Manyalibo Matthews Strategic Initiatives Progress
Accelerating Feedstock Optimization Using Computer Vision, Machine Learning, and Data Analytic Techniques 19-SI-001 Thomas Han Strategic Initiatives Progress
Acoustic and Electromagnetic Characterization for Accelerated Development of Additive Manufacturing 19-ERD-008 Joseph Tringe Exploratory Research Progress
Advanced Photopolymer Materials Engineering for Multiscale Additive Fabrication 19-ERD-012 Maxim Shusteff Exploratory Research Progress
Amorphous Carbon Coatings with Controlled Density and Composition 19-FS-013 Steven Falabella Feasibility Study Final
Climbing over Energy Barriers: A New Paradigm for Accelerating Kinetics 19-DR-001 Christine Orme Disruptive Research Progress
Computational Design Automation 17-SI-005 Daniel Tortorelli Strategic Initiatives Final
Developing and Characterizing New Tools for Actinide Processing Science 18-SI-001 Jason Jeffries Strategic Initiatives Progress
Development of Additive-Manufacturing Inks with Embedded Electronics for Programmable Matter 19-LW-056 Maxwell Murialdo Laboratory-Wide Competitions Progress
Directly Probing Spin Fluctuations in Quantum Spin Liquids with X-Ray Free Electron Lasers 18-LW-022 Tommaso Pardini Laboratory-Wide Competitions Final
Exascale-Ready Modeling to Predict Recrystallization in High-Temperature Materials 19-ERD-026 Tomas Oppelstrup Exploratory Research Progress
Film Growth Dynamics During Pulsed Sputter Deposition 17-ERD-048 Yinmin Wang Exploratory Research Final
Functional Photoresists for Energy Applications 18-ERD-004 Juergen Biener Exploratory Research Progress
Gestalt Optics: Three-Dimensional Transparent Ceramics 19-ERD-006 Zachary Seely Exploratory Research Progress
Glass Inks for Three-Dimensional Printed Fiber Preforms and Telescope Optics 19-ERD-020 Rebecca Dylla-Spears Exploratory Research Progress
High-Resolution Three-Dimensional Imaging via X-Ray Reflectometry and Phase-Contrast Computed Tomography 19-ERD-022 Jefferson Cuadra Exploratory Research Progress
In Situ Diagnostics for Accelerated Fabrication and Manufacturing of Advanced Materials 17-ERD-042 Jonathan Lee Exploratory Research Progress
Influence of Process Parameters and Alloy Composition on Crack Mitigation in Selective Laser Melting 18-ERD-057 Bey Vrancken Exploratory Research Progress
Investigation of Computational Corrections to X-Ray Computed Tomography for Dimensional Metrology of Complex Additively Manufactured Parts 19-FS-053 Charles Divin Feasibility Study Final
Large Volume Paste Projection Microstereolithography 19-FS-049 James Oakdale Feasibility Study Final
Laser Powder Bed Fusion Additive Manufacturing In-Process Monitoring and Optimization Using Thermionic Emission Detection 19-FS-037 Aiden Martin Feasibility Study Progress
Laser-Based Defect Reduction in Wide Bandgap Semiconductors Used in Radiation-Voltaics Devices: Radiation Hardening and Annealing 19-FS-021 Selim Elhadj Feasibility Study Final
Materials Informatics for Synthesis, Optimization, and Scale-Up of Advanced Materials 16-ERD-019 Thomas Han Exploratory Research Final
Materials with Embedded Microstructural Logic 19-ERD-018 Robert Panas Exploratory Research Progress
Metallopolymers as an Emergent Class of Materials for Additive Manufacturing of Graded Density Gold Foams 18-LW-063 William Compel Laboratory-Wide Competitions Final
Microsensor Monitoring of a Direct Ink Write Process Using Electromagnetic Resonant Coupling 19-FS-036 Jenny Wang Feasibility Study Final
Multiscale Model for Chemical Degradation of Materials 18-FS-038 Brandon Wood Feasibility Study Final
Nanoscale Three-Dimensional Printing of Metallic Structures via Femtosecond Projection Two-Photon Reduction 19-FS-066 Sourabh Saha Feasibility Study Final
Optimizing Engineered Flow-Through Electrodes for Energy Applications 16-ERD-051 Marcus Worsley Exploratory Research Final
Parallel Two-Photon Polymerization for Sub-Micrometer Additive Manufacturing 16-ERD-047 Sourabh Saha Exploratory Research Final
Porous Metals via Ice Templating 18-ERD-032 Michael Bagge-Hansen Exploratory Research Progress
Quantum Levitation of Fuel Capsules for Inertial Confinement Fusion 17-ERD-040 Sergei Kucheyev Exploratory Research Final
Rapid Closed-Loop Control of Additive Manufacturing with Machine Learning 17-ERD-037 Brian Giera Exploratory Research Final
Transforming Living Materials into Chemical Reactors 19-ERD-005 Fang Qian Exploratory Research Progress
Unconventional Superconductivity in a Focused-Ion-Beam-Decorated Topological Insulator 19-LW-040 Dongxia Qu Laboratory-Wide Competitions Progress
Understanding Material Strength Variabilities and Uncertainties for Component Qualification 17-ERD-029 Jeffrey Florando Exploratory Research Progress