High-Performance Computing Simulation and Data Science

Project Highlights


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Project Title Project Code Project Type Project Status
Achieving Peak Performance of High-Performance Computing Applications by Optimizing Parallelism Compilation 21-ERD-018 Exploratory Research Continuing
Active Learning for Rapid Design of Vaccines and Antibodies 20-ERD-032 Exploratory Research Continuing
Advanced Physics Models for Particle-to-Particle Interactions 19-ERD-025 Exploratory Research Final
An Experimentally Validated Synergistic Membrane Model 21-ERD-047 Exploratory Research Continuing
Approximate High-Performance Computing: A Fast and Energy-Efficient Computing Paradigm in the Post-Moore Era 20-ERD-043 Exploratory Research Continuing
Automated Software Integration 21-SI-005 Strategic Initiative Continuing
Automatic Design of Transport Systems Through Topology Optimization on Adaptively Refined Computational Grids 19-ERD-035 Exploratory Research Final
Beating Monte Carlo: The Polynomial Method in Lattice Problems 19-DR-013 Disruptive Research Continuing
Cross-Scale Modeling for Component Scale Simulations 21-ERD-022 Exploratory Research Continuing
Decentralized Autonomous Networks for Cooperative Estimation 20-SI-005 Strategic Initiative Continuing
DENAS: Deep Neuroevolution at Scale 21-ERD-026 Exploratory Research Continuing
Efficient Reduced-Order Models for Multi-Physics Simulations 21-FS-042 Feasibility Study Final
Exact Representation of Curved Material Interfaces and Boundaries in High-Order Finite Element Simulations 21-ERD-031 Exploratory Research Continuing
Heterogeneous Computing Elements: A Quantitative Evaluation 19-ERD-004 Exploratory Research Final
High-Performance Parallel Simulations for Whole-Cell Modeling 19-ERD-030 Exploratory Research Final
Hypothesis Testing via Artificial Intelligence: Generating Physically Interpretable Models of Scientific Data with Machine Learning 19-DR-003 Disruptive Research Continuing
Interactive Exploratory Graph-Enabled Data Analytics at High-Performance Computing Scales 21-ERD-020 Exploratory Research Continuing
Knowledge-Driven Machine Learning 21-ERD-012 Exploratory Research Continuing
Learning a Nonlinear Solver Optimized to Solve the Problem of Electron Density and Effective Atomic Number Reconstruction 21-FS-013 Feasibility Study Continuing
Machine Learning-Driven Dynamic Four-Dimensional X-Ray Computed Tomography Reconstruction 20-FS-010 Feasibility Study Final