Nuclear, Chemical, and Isotopic Science & Technology

Project Title Tracking Code Author Project Type Project Status
A Simple Search for Sterile Neutrino Dark Matter 19-FS-027 Stephan Friedrich Feasibility Study Final
An Alternative Rare-Event Detector 17-ERD-016 Steven Dazeley Exploratory Research Final
Beta Decay at the Limits of Nuclear Stability: Integrating Ab Initio Calculations and Kinematically Complete Measurements 19-ERD-011 Aaron Gallant Exploratory Research Progress
Building a Predictive Fission-Rate Model 18-LW-062 Walid Younes Laboratory-Wide Competitions Final
Connecting Nuclear Structure to Stellar Astrophysics: Neutron Skin in Tin Isotopes 19-LW-004 Jack Silano Laboratory-Wide Competitions Progress
Constraining the Origin of Earth’s Water with Isotope Tracers in Astromaterials 19-LW-046 Erik Oerter Laboratory-Wide Competitions Progress
Developing a Radiochemical Method to Measure Thermonuclear Detector Cross Sections 19-FS-020 Kenton Moody Feasibility Study Final
Developing Photonuclear Experimental Capabilities for Nuclear Science and Security 18-ERD-013 Robert Casperson Exploratory Research Progress
Development of Novel Ligand-Based Systems to Study the Chemical Properties of the Transactinides 19-ERD-003 John Despotopulos Exploratory Research Progress
Discovering the Nature of Neutrinos: How Nuclear Theory Will Advance This Grand Endeavor 19-LW-039 Kyle Wendt Laboratory-Wide Competitions Progress
Establishing Hands-On Astrophysics at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory 19-FS-028 Reto Trappitsch Feasibility Study Progress
Investigating the Site of the Weak Rapid Neutron Capture Process 19-ERD-036 Wei Jia Ong Exploratory Research Progress
Laying the Foundation for a Predictive Theory of Electroweak Nuclear Phenomena 18-ERD-058 Kyle Wendt Exploratory Research Final
Micro-Resonators for Compact Optical Sensors 19-ERD-002 Tiziana Bond Exploratory Research Progress
Nuclear Reaction Theory for Astrophysics and Laboratory Applications 19-ERD-017 Jutta Escher Exploratory Research Progress
Nucleosynthesis for Science and Security 16-ERD-022 Nicholas Scielzo Exploratory Research Final
Probabilistic Modeling for Nuclear Fission and Heavy-Ion Collisions 17-ERD-022 Ron Soltz Exploratory Research Final
Proliferation of Interstellar Plutonium into the Solar System 19-LW-033 Reto Trappitsch Laboratory-Wide Competitions Progress
The Next Breakthroughs in Neutrino Physics 18-ERD-028 Michael Heffner Exploratory Research Progress
The Origins of Matter on Near-Exascale Supercomputing 17-ERD-002 Pavlos Vranas Exploratory Research Final
Toward the World's First Nuclear Clock 18-LW-038 Jason Burke Laboratory-Wide Competitions Final
Uncovering the Origins of the Solar System with Cosmochemical Forensics 17-ERD-001 Lars Borg Exploratory Research Final
Using Isotope Probing of Microbe-Microbe Interactions to Determine the Fate of Carbon and Impacts on Climate Change 19-LW-044 Ty Samo Laboratory-Wide Competitions Progress
Using Moderately Volatile Elements to Understand the Origin of the Earth-Moon System 19-LW-027 Josh Wimpenny Laboratory-Wide Competitions Progress