High-Performance Computing, Simulation, and Data Science

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Project Title   Project Code   Principal Investigator   Project Type   Project Status  
Hypothesis Testing via Artificial Intelligence: Generating Physically Interpretable Models of Scientific Data with Machine Learning 19-DR-003 Brenden Petersen Disruptive Research Continuing
Beating Monte Carlo: The Polynomial Method in Lattice Problems 19-DR-013 Christian Scullard Disruptive Research Continuing
Simulations of Interpenetrating Plasmas 17-ERD-081 Debojyoti Ghosh Exploratory Research Final
High-Order Finite Elements for Thermal Radiative Transfer on Curved Meshes 18-ERD-002 Terry Haut Exploratory Research Final
XPlacer: Extensible and Portable Optimizations of Data Placement in Memory 18-ERD-006 Chunhua Liao Exploratory Research Final
Deep Multitask Learning for Predictive Oncology 18-ERD-017 Andre Goncalves Exploratory Research Final
Methods for Explainable Artificial Intelligence 18-ERD-021 Terrell Mundhenk Exploratory Research Final
The Development of High-Order Interface Tracking Schemes for the Simulation of Multiphase Flows 18-ERD-053 Bryce Campbell Exploratory Research Final
Heterogeneous Computing Elements: A Quantitative Evaluation 19-ERD-004 Maya Gokhale Exploratory Research Continuing
Next Generation Machine Learning 19-ERD-007 Peer-Timo Bremer Exploratory Research Continuing
Scalable Multilevel Training of Large Neural Networks 19-ERD-019 Colin Ponce Exploratory Research Continuing
Advanced Physics Models for Particle-to-Particle Interactions 19-ERD-025 Kambiz Salari Exploratory Research Continuing
High-Performance Parallel Simulations for Whole-Cell Modeling 19-ERD-030 Ali Navid Exploratory Research Continuing
Automatic Design of Transport Systems Through Topology Optimization on Adaptively Refined Computational Grids 19-ERD-035 Victor Beck Exploratory Research Continuing
Optimal High-Order Solvers 20-ERD-002 Andrew Barker Exploratory Research Continuing
Safe and Trustworthy Machine Learning 20-ERD-014 Bhavya Kailkhura Exploratory Research Continuing
Modeling Complex Behavior of Lattices to Enable Multiscale Design 20-ERD-020 Seth Watts Exploratory Research Continuing
Materials Response Under Hypersonic Flow Conditions Probed by Multimodal Diagnostics in a Benchtop Wind Tunnel 20-ERD-027 Selim Elhadj Exploratory Research Final
Active Learning for Rapid Design of Vaccines and Antibodies 20-ERD-032 Thomas Desautels Exploratory Research Continuing
Robust Control of Scientific Simulations with Deep Reinforcement Learning 20-ERD-033 Daniel Faissol Exploratory Research Final
Approximate High-Performance Computing: A Fast and Energy-Efficient Computing Paradigm in the Post-Moore Era 20-ERD-043 Harshitha Gopalakrishnan Menon Exploratory Research Continuing
Probabilistic Models for Dynamic Hypergraphs with Content 20-ERD-049 Grant Boquet Exploratory Research Continuing
Floating Point Reproducibility for Accelerator-Based Systems 20-FS-005 Ignacio Laguna Peralta Feasibility Study Final
Nonlinear Manifold-Based Reduced Order Models 20-FS-007 Youngsoo Choi Feasibility Study Final
Machine Learning-Driven Dynamic Four-Dimensional X-Ray Computed Tomography Reconstruction 20-FS-010 Hyojin Kim Feasibility Study Continuing
Optimizing Performance Through Parallelism-Aware Compilation 20-FS-015 Giorgis Georgakoudis Feasibility Study Final
High-Fidelity, Scalable Quantum Qubit Control Signal Generation 20-FS-017 Apurva Gowda Feasibility Study Final
Nonlinear Spatial Discretization Using Sparse Grids 20-FS-018 John Loffeld Feasibility Study Final
Measuring the Interpolation Quality of Trained Neural Networks 20-FS-034 Andrew Gillette Feasibility Study Final
Scalable Approximate Graph Clustering 20-FS-037 Geoffrey Sanders Feasibility Study Final
Active Control of Turbulent Flows through Deep Learning 20-FS-039 Simon Lapointe Feasibility Study Final
Persistent Concurrent Data Structures 20-FS-040 Peter Pirkelbauer Feasibility Study Final
Accelerated and Disaggregated Cognitive Simulation 20-FS-041 Brian Van Essen Feasibility Study Final
MADSTARE: Modeling and Analysis for Data-Starved or Ambiguous Environments 19-SI-004 Michael Schneider Strategic Initiative Continuing
Decentralized Autonomous Networks for Cooperative Estimation 20-SI-005 Ryan Goldhahn Strategic Initiative Continuing