Gestalt Optics: Three-Dimensional Transparent Ceramics

Zachary Seeley | 19-ERD-006

Executive Summary

We are employing a new additive manufacturing technique—material jetting—to print transparent ceramics with extremely fine feature sizes in the tens of microns for use as laser-amplification media. Achieving this resolution in gain and index-tailored three-dimensional structures within laser media will enable fabrication in an innovative optical design space of planar waveguides with desirable performance features, such as efficiency, footprint, power-level, and coherence.

Publications, Presentations, and Patents

Rudzik, T. J., et al. 2020. "Single and Multi-Dopant Diffusion in YAG Ceramics for Lasers." Materials and Technology 2020 (online), November 2020. LLNL-ABS-813963

Seeley, Z. M., et al. 2020. "3D Printed Transparent Ceramic YAG Laser Rods: Matching the Core-Clad Refractive Index." Optical Materials 107(110121). LLNL-JRNL-810284