Dual-Energy Phase-Contrast Computed Tomography to Improve Material Discrimination

Kadri Aditya Mohan | 22-ERD-011

Executive Summary

We will develop a new mode of three-dimensional imaging called dual-energy x-ray phase-contrast computed tomography that will enable high-contrast, quantitatively-accurate characterization of low x-ray absorption contrast materials, which are currently difficult to measure. This new imaging capability will use in-house, lab-based x-ray sources to enable advanced, in-situ characterization in support of national security missions.

Publications, Presentations, and Patents

Lakshmanan, T. F., K. M. Champley, and K.A. Mohan."Weighted Minimum Norm Algorithm for Improved Phase Unwrapping." Electronic Imaging, 34, 1-6. Jan. 2022.