Lasers and Optical Science and Technology

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Project Title   Project Code   Principal Investigator   Project Type   Project Status  
Thulium-Doped Yttrium Lithium Fluoride High-Energy Laser Demonstrator 19-DR-009 Thomas Spinka Disruptive Research Continuing
Anti-Reflective Meta-Surfaces (ARMS) for High-Power Lasers 18-ERD-005 Eyal Feigenbaum Exploratory Research Final
Arbitrary Control and Characterization of Laser Waveforms and Interactions at Picosecond Resolution over Long Record Lengths 18-ERD-029 Ryan Muir Exploratory Research Final
Energy Scaling of Thin-Disk Lasers 18-ERD-038 Thomas Spinka Exploratory Research Continuing
Plasma Photonics: Manipulating Light Using Plasmas 18-ERD-046 Pierre Michel Exploratory Research Continuing
Germanium Photodiode Arrays for Hard X-Ray Imaging 19-ERD-001 Arthur Carpenter Exploratory Research Continuing
Gestalt Optics: Three-Dimensional Transparent Ceramics 19-ERD-006 Zachary Seeley Exploratory Research Continuing
The Physics of Confined Laser Ablation and Its Applications 19-ERD-027 Wesley Keller Exploratory Research Continuing
Photonic Transceivers for Secure Radio Frequency Communications and Radar 19-ERD-039 Jason Chou Exploratory Research Final
Freeform Optics 20-ERD-003 Tayyab Suratwala Exploratory Research Continuing
High-Energy Advanced Thermal Performance 20-ERD-006 Emily Link Exploratory Research Continuing
Glass Preforms for Next-Generation Fiber Lasers 20-ERD-012 Andrew Lange Exploratory Research Continuing
Defects Suppression in Process-Optimized High Power and Energy Multilayer Dielectric Coated Optics 20-ERD-024 Siping Qiu Exploratory Research Continuing
Next-Generation Beam Quality for Deployed Laser Systems 20-ERD-046 Stephen Ammons Exploratory Research Continuing
Ultrafast Plasma Optics for High-Power Coherent Light Sources 20-ERD-057 Matthew Edwards Exploratory Research Continuing
Assessment of Laser-Damage Performance of Meta-Surface Material to Enable High-Speed Laser Beam Control 19-FS-032 Eyal Feigenbaum Feasibility Study Final
Time-Resolved Two-Dimensional Streak Camera 19-FS-073 Matthew Dayton Feasibility Study Final
Beam Homogenization of Laser Drivers for High-Energy, Large-Aperture Optical Parametric Chirped-Pulse Amplification 20-FS-011 Brendan Reagan Feasibility Study Final
Extending the Reach of Extreme Ultraviolet Instruments: A New Method for Measuring the Refractive Index of Materials 20-FS-026 Catherine Burcklen Feasibility Study Continuing