High-Energy-Density Science

Fy2015 ldrd annual report

Plasma Interactions with Mixed Materials and Impurity Transport (14-ERD-101)

Physical States and Processes in Inertial Confinement Fusion: Matter at Extreme Energy Density (14-SI-003)

Melting and Solidification in Multicomponent Materials: Constraints on the Search for Habitable Planets (15-ERD-012)

Quantum Simulations for Strongly Correlated Materials with High Atomic Numbers (15-ERD-013)

X-Ray Free-Electron Laser Science for High-Energy-Density Experiments (15-ERD-026)

Creation and Study of Ultrahigh-Energy-Density Matter Using Nanometer-Scale Structured Targets (15-ERD-054)

Advanced Fusion Target-Capsule Concepts (15-ERD-058)

Coupling Monte Carlo Neutral and Fluid Plasma Models for Edge Simulation in Magnetic Fusion (15-ERD-059)

Collisionless Shock Formation in Laser-Generated Plasma Streams (15-ERD-065)

Hydrogen Diffusion in Earth’s Upper Mantle (15-LW-067)

Particle Acceleration from Laser-Driven Collisionless Shocks (15-LW-095)

New Quantum Simulation Capability for Ultrahigh-Temperature, High-Energy-Density Science (16-ERD-011)

Extending Laser-Driven X-Ray Sources to High-Energy-Density Science Facilities (16-ERD-024)

Ultrafast Absorption Spectroscopy of Aluminum Plasmas (16-ERD-041)

Vibrational and Optical Properties of High-Pressure Hydrogen from First Principles (16-ERD-044)

Simulating X-Ray Free-Electron Laser Experiments for High-Energy-Density Science (16-ERD-046)

Advancing Static Ultrahigh Pressures with Focused Ion-Beam Toroidal Anvils (16-FS-010)

A Compressed Ultrafast Photography Diagnostic for Laser-Driven Experiments (16-FS-022)