Optimal High-Order Solvers

Andrew Barker | 20-ERD-002

Executive Summary

We are developing solvers that provide high performance for emerging algorithms on next-generation computer architectures. Fast solvers in this area will remove a critical bottleneck to a number of simulation codes that are essential to the national mission in stockpile stewardship and energy security.

Publications, Presentations, and Patents

Barker, A. T. 2019. "Fast Matrix-Free Solvers for Emerging Hardware Architectures." Advanced Solvers for Modern Architectures 2019, Munster, Germany, November 2019. LLNL-PRES-795197

Epperly, E. N., et al. 2020. "Smoothers for Matrix-Free Algebraic Multigrid Preconditioning of High-Order Finite Elements." LLNL-TR-814531