Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Advanced Materials and Manufacturing

LDRD Annual Report FY2018


Enhanced Coherence for Quantum Sensing and Simulation

Jonathan DuBois (16-SI-004)


We have developed a robust capability to design, fabricate, characterize, and optimize the performance of quantum coherent materials and devices for applications in sensing, analog quantum simulation, and quantum computing. >>


Developing and Characterizing New Tools for Actinide Processing Science

Jason Jeffries (18-SI-001)


We are developing and characterizing new advanced manufacturing techniques for the actinide rare earth metals to establish relationships between process, structure, property, and performance. >>


A New Science-Based Paradigm Enabling Microstructure-Tailored Additive Manufacturing of Metals

Manyalibo Matthews (18-SI-003)


We are developing new capabilities in the design and production of additively manufactured metal parts with tailored microstructures that meet stringent performance requirements for certification. >>


A Design Platform for Electrochemical Conversion of Carbon Dioxide
Sarah Baker | 18-ERD-010

A Diamond Total-Internal-Reflection Photoconductive Switch
Mihail Bora | 17-ERD-050

Building Computerized Tomography Tools for Precision Additive Manufacturing
Robert Panas | 16-ERD-006

Electrodeposition of Gradient-Density Metal Films from Ionic Liquids
Michael Stadermann | 17-ERD-047

Film Growth Dynamics During Pulsed Sputter Deposition
Yinmin Wang | 17-ERD-048

Functional Photoresists for Energy Applications
Juergen Biener | 18-ERD-004

Influence of Process Parameters and Alloy Composition on Crack Mitigation in Selective Laser Melting
Bey Vrancken | 18-ERD-057

In Situ Diagnostics for Accelerated Fabrication and Manufacturing of Advanced Materials
Jonathan Lee | 17-ERD-042

Materials Informatics for Synthesis, Optimization, and Scale-Up of Advanced Materials
Thomas Han | 16-ERD-019

Mesoscale Crystal Architectures
Christine Orme | 16-ERD-033

Optimizing Engineered Flow-Through Electrodes for Energy Applications
Marcus Worsley | 16-ERD-051

Parallel Two-Photon Polymerization for Sub-Micrometer Additive Manufacturing
Sourabh Saha | 16-ERD-047

Porous Metals via Ice Templating
Michael Bagge-Hansen | 18-ERD-032

Quantum Levitation of Fuel Capsules for Inertial Confinement Fusion
Sergei Kucheyev | 17-ERD-040

Rapid Closed-Loop Control of Additive Manufacturing with Machine Learning
Brian Giera | 17-ERD-037

Three-Dimensional Bio-Printed Microenvironments for Studying Cancer Metastasis
Monica Moya | 17-ERD-054

Understanding Material Strength Variabilities and Uncertainties for Component Qualification
Jeffrey Florando | 17-ERD-029