How to Read Project Reports

On this website, we provide information regarding each project that received funding during the fiscal year. 

  • For projects that concluded during the fiscal year, we include a project description and a summary of the project’s mission impact.  
  • For projects that are continuing into the next fiscal year, we provide a brief, high-level project overview.  
  • All project reports include a list of publications, presentations, and other intellectual property that resulted from the project. (Final project reports include a cumulative list of publications and presentations over the lifetime of the project.) 

Every LDRD-funded project is assigned a tracking code that includes the following items: 

  • The fiscal year when the project started. 
  • The project type, using a two-letter abbreviation. 
  • The serial number of the project within its fiscal year. 
    For example, the tracking code "19-FS-001" identifies a feasibility study that began in FY19, with a serial number of 001. 

    Note that some project reports are withheld from publication due to classification but are available through the appropriate channels.