Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Earth and Atmospheric Science

LDRD Annual Report FY2019

Project Title Tracking Code Author Project Type Project Status
Advancing Measurements and Understanding of the Rate and Structure of Atmospheric Warming 18-ERD-054 Stephen Po-Chedley Exploratory Research Progress
Dating Alluvial Landforms to Understand the Role of Climate in California's Water Supply 19-LW-036 Alan Hidy Laboratory-Wide Competitions Progress
Deeply Rooted: Evaluating Plant Rooting Depth as a Means for Enhanced Soil Carbon Sequestration 19-ERD-010 Erin Nuccio Exploratory Research Progress
Developing an Observation-Based Transfer Function for Climate Sensitivity 19-FS-022 Mark Zelinka Feasibility Study Final
Earthquake Predictions on the Sierra High-Performance Computing System 19-ERD-037 Arthur Rodgers Exploratory Research Final
Fiber-Optic Acoustic Sensors for Geophysical Applications 17-ERD-015 Robert Mellors Exploratory Research Final
Integrating climate model simulations and paleo data to constrain future drought risks over California 17-ERD-052 Susan Zimmerman Exploratory Research Final
Interseasonal Prediction of Western United States Snowpack with Deep Learning 19-ERD-032 Gemma Anderson Exploratory Research Progress
Measuring Atmospheric Gas Using Small Satellites 17-ERD-059 Vincent Riot Exploratory Research Progress
Probabilistic Predictions and Uncertainty Estimation for Radiological and Nuclear Effects Modeling 17-ERD-045 Donald Lucas Exploratory Research Progress
Using Passive Seismology to Map the Water within Critical Glacial Ice Sheets 19-FS-052 Eric Matzel Feasibility Study Final