Novel Multi-Phase Fluidic Platforms for Chemical, Biological, and Nuclear Forensics

Erika Fong | 22-ERD-029

Executive Summary

We will create a new class of fluidic micro-architected materials and develop a platform technology that is ideally suited for use in multi-phase systems. This novel, multi-phase, cellular fluidic platform will be specifically engineered to address the multi-phase sample handling needs used in chemical, biological, and nuclear security forensic applications, and will initiate a new era of controlled multi-phase transport using advanced manufacturing and computational design.

Publications, Presentations, and Patents

Nikola A. Dudukovic, Erika Jo Fong, Hawi B. Gemeda, Joshua R. DeOtte, Jack Davis, Bryan Moran, Maira R. Ceron, Kansas Seung, Anna Guell Izard, Sarah E. Baker, and Eric B. Duoss “Cellular Fluidics: A novel platform for manipulating fluids and interfaces enabled by LLNL’s advanced design and manufacturing capabilities” (Presentation, Microfluidic Consortium. San Francisco, CA, Feb 2023).

Erika Jo Fong, Nikola A. Dudukovic, Hawi B. Gemeda, Joshua R. DeOtte, Jack Davis, Anna Guell Izard, Aldair Gongora, Kansas Seung, Cheng Zhu, Vasant Vuppuluri, Mark Dreyer and Eric B. Duoss, “Cellular Fluidics: A new paradigm for microfluidics enabled by additive manufacturing” (Presentation, Microfluidic Consortium. Boston, MA, Jun 2023).