In-Situ Quantitative Monitoring and Feedback Control for High-Sensitivity and High-Fidelity Manufacturing

Dongping Terrel-Perez | 23-FS-020

Project Overview

Tomographic volumetric additive manufacturing (VAM) has revolutionized light-driven additive manufacturing (AM) by concurrently printing freeform three-dimensional objects with dynamically evolving light projections. This ability has been tremendously expanding the geometric and material complexity accessible for printing that impart downstream functionalities. To precisely and actively control print processes in these increasingly complex VAM systems, in-situ non-destructive monitoring systems are critical. The goal of this project was to develop a high-sensitivity and high-contrast in-situ imaging system to monitor the VAM process of low-refractive index-changing resin materials. We have developed a quantitative phase imaging system in a common-path phase shifting interferometry configuration to visualize VAM processes. Our results showed that the proposed method can visualize the VAM process with higher sensitivity and contrast previously inaccessible with other existing methods. This work equips us with a powerful in-situ metrology for new material characterization and high-fidelity manufacturing, which plays a pivotal role in understanding and quantifying the underlying material properties and optimizing the desired downstream mechanical or biological functionalities. This project also paves the way to a real-time closed-loop feedback-controlled system for an automated and optimal VAM process.

Mission Impact

This project benefits Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) Accelerated Materials and Manufacturing Initiative and Core Competency by providing an in-situ non-destructive monitoring capability for VAM which plays a pivotal role in understanding the underlying material properties and optimizing the desired downstream functionality. This project develops science and technology tools and capabilities to meet NNSA and national needs of creating a more agile, responsive, and integrated material development, manufacturing, and qualification ecosystem.

Publications, Presentations, and Patents

Schwartz., Johanna J., and Dongping Terrel-Perez. "Optical imaging methods for volumetric additive manufacturing." Academ J Polym Sci. 2023; 6(1): 555679. DOI: 10.19080/AJOP.2023.06.555679. LLNL-JRNL-848304

Johanna J. Schwartz and Dongping Terrel-Perez, "Optical imaging in volumetric additive manufacturing - toward real-time, dynamic curing control" (Presentation, ACS Spring 2023, Indianapolis, IN, March 2023). LLNL-PRES-846500