Biological Additive Manufacturing Capabilities for Enabling Rapid Response to Emerging Pathogens

Matthew Coleman | 21-ERD-039

Project Overview

The ability to perform high throughput screening is critical for developing therapeutics for new and reemerging threats and pathogens. Strategies for increasing the efficiency and speed of this screening are valuable for testing candidate therapeutics combinatorial/random compounds and from computational efforts. In this work we advanced strategies for combining steps in the screening process. In general, the production of proteins is a separate step from a screening step based on measuring interactions between proteins. This is especially true with in vitro techniques. As part of this LDRD we were able to demonstrate that cell-free process can be used to produce dozens of recombinant proteins of interest for studying affinity interactions. This automated process is compatible with microfluidic chips for generating capsules that are compatible for delineating pM affinities of antibody derived interactions simultaneously using fluorescent spectroscopy. This includes designing a device for potentially automating the entire process to potentially process thousands to millions of protein or small molecule samples for production as well as analysis per week.

Mission Impact

This project builds on Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory's (LLNL) Core Competencies in Bioscience and Bioengineering, as well as High Performance Computing. It responds to the Laboratory's mission in Threat Preparedness and Response by building a new avenue of research in synthetic biology combined with advanced single molecule detection and microfluidics to develop a novel benchtop device for protein production (104 -105) and analysis of >106 assays. These integrated technologies fill a gap in quantitative predictive biology by providing instrumentation and protein reagents to predict and develop pathogen countermeasures, potentially in under a week. This work will also support future mission space under the JPEO GUIDE and Bioresilience programs.

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