Earth and Atmospheric Science

Project Highlights


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Project Title Project Code Project Type Project Status
Advancing Carbon Cycle Forecasts with Global Models of Soil Chemistry 22-ERD-019 Exploratory Research Continuing
Developing a Predictive Physics-Based Modeling Framework for Biomass Combustion in Typical Wildfire Conditions 23-LW-007 Lab-Wide Continuing
Electrochemical Upcycling of Waste Cement: High-Performance Cement Production and Air Carbon Dioxide Removal 21-ERD-050 Exploratory Research Continuing
Enhanced Tunnel Detection with Multiple Sensor Technologies 22-FS-042 Feasibility Study Final
Enhancing Precipitation Predictions with the Cloud-Associated Parameterizations Testbed using Artificial Intelligence 22-ERD-013 Exploratory Research Final
Feasibility of Using Fourier Neural Operators for Three-Dimensional Elastic Seismic Simulations 23-FS-021 Feasibility Study Final
Fighting Fire with Fire: Can Traditional Native American Burning Practices Help Reduce Devastating Wildfires and Increase Soil Carbon Storage? 22-LW-053 Lab-Wide Final
From Microbes to the Earth System – Upscaling Microbial Community Dynamics to Macro-scale Soil Carbon Models 21-ERD-045 Exploratory Research Final
High Accuracy at Low Cost: Using Machine Learning to Emulate the Department of Energy's Global Cloud-Resolving Climate Model 22-ERD-052 Exploratory Research Continuing
High Altitude Disturbance: An Integrated Experimental and Modeling Approach to Quantifying Turbulence and Aerosols at Hypersonic Flight Height 21-ERD-007 Exploratory Research Final
High Resolution Chronology of the Solar System 23-ERD-003 Exploratory Research Continuing
Microbe-Mediated Effects of Enhanced Rock Weathering on Soil Organic Carbon Storage 22-LW-022 Lab-Wide Final
Multiscale Wildfire Simulation Framework and Remote Sensing 22-ERD-008 Exploratory Research Continuing
Opening the Black Box: Compound-Specific Radiocarbon Analysis to Determine the Drivers of Soil Carbon Persistence 21-ERD-021 Exploratory Research Final
Reconstructing the Birth Environment of the Solar System 23-LW-015 Lab-Wide Continuing
Taming the Wild West: Assessing Impacts-Relevant Climate Data Products 23-ERD-050 Exploratory Research Continuing
Using Novel Measurements of the Diurnal Cycle to Improve the Precision of 40-year Atmospheric Temperature Trends 23-FS-009 Feasibility Study Continuing