Precision Polishing of Spheres via In-situ Process Monitoring and Machine-learning-based Optimization

Suhas Bhandarkar | 23-ERD-014

Executive Summary

This project seeks to implement vibrational sensors for real-time monitoring of the precision polishing process used in the fine surface finishing of spheres with a goal of understanding the correlation between the relevant frequency bands in the data and key process mechanisms using deep learning based algorithms. This capability will enable us to develop next generation of processes to make the ultra-high-quality capsules needed for future inertial confinement fusion experiments.

Publications, Presentations, and Patents

Suhas Bhandarkar, "Smart ultraprecision finishing of fuel capsules for inertial nuclear fusion experiments" (Presentation, International Academy of Manufacturing Engineering, CIRP, Dublin, Ireland, 20-26 August 2023).

Suhas Bhandarkar, "'Detecting anomalous motions in the Shell-polishing process using sensor fusion and Machine Learning" (Presentation, Texas A&M Conference on Energy, College Station, TX, September 27-29, 2023).