Decision Superiority

Daniel Merl | 22-SI-001

Executive Summary

We will develop an artificial-intelligence-powered decision support technology for strategic wargaming through high-performance-computing-enabled conflict simulation, intelligence-informed adversary modeling, and optimal control algorithms. Through careful experimentation utilizing realistic conflict simulations, we will develop an important new computational capability for generating creative solutions to multi-domain deterrence scenarios.

Publications, Presentations, and Patents

ABMARL. Agent-based modeling tool for python developed by Ephraim Rusu.

PPOAF. MPI-enabled reinforcement learning algorithms by Alister Maguire.

GISKARD. Environmental data aggregator and light-weight simulation engine by Alexx Perloff.

Orbit-gym. Orbital reinforcement learning environments built on top of LLNL’s ssapy by Alister Maguire.

JCATS+. Python interface/client for JCATS conflict simulation software by Ephraim Rusu, Abel Gezahegne, Nick Matyas, and Joe Hennis.

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