Next-Generation Implicit Neural Representation for Ill-Posed and Dynamic Computed Tomography Reconstruction

Hyojin Kim | 22-ERD-032

Executive Summary

We will use implicit neural representations to develop a next-generation, training-free, computed tomography reconstruction approach to address extremely ill-posed reconstruction problems, such as limited-angle, few-view, and dynamic four-dimensional computed tomography of moving objects. This new capability will lead to significant improvements in non-destructive evaluations, detection of contraband and explosives, weapon inspections, and other mission-relevant applications.

Publications, Presentations, and Patents

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H. Kim, K. Champley, “Livermore AI Projector (LEAP)” Open-source software release, 2023.

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H. Kim, K. A. Mohan, “Continuous Projection With Implicit Neural Representation for Dynamic and Ill-Posed Computed Tomography.” Record of Invention, submitted August 28, 2023. (IL-13897).