Lasers and Optical Science and Technology

Project Highlights


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Project Title Project Code Project Type Project Status
Additively Manufactured Neodymium-Doped Strontium-Fluoride Ceramic Gain Medium 22-ERD-021 Exploratory Research Continuing
Agile Mixing Platform Engineered for Transient Compositional Printing 22-ERD-012 Exploratory Research Continuing
Arbitrarily Shaped Energetic Pulses from High Energy Thulium Lasers 23-FS-054 Feasibility Study Continuing
Beam-Combined Pulsed Fiber Lasers 21-ERD-004 Exploratory Research Final
Exploring the Cosmos: Enabling One-Thousand Times More Sensitive Spectrographs for Exoplanet Search 22-LW-020 Lab-Wide Final
Filamentation Sealing Using Dual-Laser Treatment 23-FS-032 Feasibility Study Final
Glass-Engraved Meta-Optics for High-Power Lasers 21-ERD-002 Exploratory Research Final
High Refractive Index Adhesives for Laser Glass Cladding Applications. 23-FS-043 Feasibility Study Continuing
High-Fluence and Radiation-Resistant Gaseous Optics for High-Power Lasers and Inertial Fusion Energy Applications 23-FS-004 Feasibility Study Final
Laser Amplification with Suppressed Amplified Spontaneous Emission 22-DR-004 Disruptive Research Continuing
Laser-Induced Desorption and Redeposition in Fused Silica 23-ERD-008 Exploratory Research Continuing
Predicting Damage Growth using Multimode Characterization and Machine Learning 22-ERD-003 Exploratory Research Continuing
Programmable Time-Varying Spectral Encoding for Advanced Control of High-Energy, High-Power Laser Systems 21-ERD-034 Exploratory Research Final
Revisiting the Critical Physics for Passing Energetic Laser Pulses through Air 21-ERD-052 Exploratory Research Final
Robust High-Power Diodes for Next Generation Laser Systems 21-SI-002 Strategic Initiative Final
Robustly Designed Optical Coatings for Cutting-Edge Science 23-FS-024 Feasibility Study Final
Ultrafast Operation of High-Average-Power, High-Energy Thulium Lasers 21-ERD-016 Exploratory Research Final
Ultrawide Bandgap Laser Addressable Photoconductors 22-SI-003 Strategic Initiative Continuing
Understanding Spectral Dependence of Laser-induced Damage Precursors in Dielectric Materials 23-ERD-006 Exploratory Research Continuing