Agile Mixing Platform Engineered for Transient Compositional Printing

Du Nguyen | 22-ERD-012

Executive Summary

We will enable a more agile development cycle for three-dimensional printing of functionally graded materials by using additive manufacturing to rapidly fabricate application-specific mixer and printer platforms. This capability will enable rapid development of multi-material structures, and will be useful for mission-relevant applications such as creating gradient-refractive-index optics with high quality.

Publications, Presentations, and Patents

Ha, J., Koroush Sasan, Timothy D. Yee, Andrew P. Lange, Du T. Nguyen, Nikola Dudukovic, and Rebecca Dylla-Spears. “Refractive Index and Abbe Number Tuning via 3D Printable Optical Quality Silica–Titania–Germania Glasses.” Advanced Photonics Research 3, no. 10 (October 2022): 2200017.

J. Ha, R. Walton, T. D. Yee, K. Sasan, N. Dudukovic, R. Dylla-Spears, and D. T. Nguyen. “Tuning Refractive Index and Viscoelasticity of Glass Inks for Direct Ink Write 3D Printing” (Presentation, Glass & Optical Materials Division Meeting 2023, New Orleans, LA, June 4, 2023).

T.D. Yee, M. E. Ellis, T. M. Fears, R. Walton, J. Ha, O. D. Herrera, N. Dudukovic, K. Sasan, M. Sage, and D. T. Nguyen “Rapidly Prototyping DIW Mixer Designs via 3D Printing for Glass Applications” (Presentation, Glass & Optical Materials Division Meeting 2023, New Orleans, LA, June 4, 2023).