Glass-Engraved Meta-Optics for High-Power Lasers

Eyal Feigenbaum | 21-ERD-002

Project Overview

We have proposed and studied a method for modifying a thin layer on a fused silica glass surface to alter its optical properties, such as its refractive index (i.e., a meta-surface). The meta-surface (MS) fabrication process is based on a previously in-house developed process, in which the glass is directionally etched through a metal nano-particle mask, formed using dewetting of a thin metal layer. This process before this project enabled rudimentary anti-reflective (AR) layer and local patterning of index. Here, we have advanced the process toward implementation of three main applications that are key to high power laser applications: 1) AR layer that is both broad-band and broad angle of acceptance; 2) thin optical elements (e.g., lens); 3) retardation waveplates. All of which were implemented as an ultrathin MS etched (and thus monolithic) to the glass substrate, with the native scalability, laser damage durability and mechanical robustness of the original process. To this aim, the etching mask resistance to erosion was improved by different means, such as: optimization of mask material; optimization of process parameters; invention of a method for growing the nano-particles (NP) size while maintaining their location. This led to a demonstration of AR MS layer on both surfaces of a 2" round glass window with low reflection band that spans from the ultraviolet to the mid infrared, with acceptance angle of ±400, and for both polarizations. A parametric study of laser-raster scan dewetting of metal films, and of the etching of the end-result mask, informed a construction of system for spatially tailoring the mask to a desired optical function, and implementing millimeter to centimeter size optical elements (e.g., axicon lens, shadowing elements). Three different methods of implementing bi-refringent MS layers (from fused silica glass which is not birefringent) have been proposed, implemented, tested and further improved. These advancements could affect the obtainable powers of present and future high power and energy laser systems.

Mission Impact

The MS technology developed during this project is strongly aligned with the Lasers and Optical Science and Technology core competency. It is also aligned with the Core Competency for Advanced Materials and Manufacturing for material design and manufacturing and for scaling-up laser-optics designs. It enables new laser system designs and enhances the energetics, performance, and stability of high-energy/high-average power/short-pulse lasers. All-glass MS technology could advance critical components to laser systems, such as AR coatings (bandwidth, angular acceptance, reflectivity) and waveplates, enabling higher power in laser systems, and its laser and mechanical robustness. Its potential to enable computer-generated patterns printed thin optics (meta-optics) on the scales and the robustness that facilitate high power lasers could improve the energetics, and performance and operation of high-power lasers.

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