Nuclear, Chemical, and Isotopic Science and Technology

Project Highlights


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Project Title Project Code Project Type Project Status
Breakdown of the Magic Numbers: Unparalleled Opportunities at the New Facility for Rare Isotope Beams 23-LW-047 Lab-Wide Continuing
Dark Matter Search with Plutonium-241 Beta Decays 23-LW-043 Lab-Wide Continuing
Deciphering Fingerprints of Stellar Nucleosynthesis Through Nuclear Reaction Rate Measurements and Isotopic Analyses of Stardust 20-ERD-030 Exploratory Research Final
Development of a Novel Neutron Source for Next-Generation Neutron Scattering Experiments 22-ERD-026 Exploratory Research Continuing
Do Tetraquarks Exist? Understanding the Nature of the Mysterious Meson Candidate 23-LW-036 Lab-Wide Continuing
Expanding Plutonium Inorganic Chemistry 23-FS-041 Feasibility Study Continuing
Fission with Exotic Nuclei 21-ERD-001 Exploratory Research Final
How Rapid is the Rapid Neutron Capture Process? 21-LW-032 Lab-Wide Final
Hunting Sub-gigaelectron-volt Dark Matter with Diamonds and Magnetic Microcalorimeters 22-FS-011 Feasibility Study Final
Manipulating the Spin of Nuclei with Nuclear Reactions 23-LW-016 Lab-Wide Continuing
Nuclear Detective Work in the Early Universe: The Mysterious Origin of Protein-Rich Stable Nuclei 22-LW-029 Lab-Wide Continuing
Nuclear Experiments from Lattice Quantum Chromodynamics Supercomputing Simulations 23-ERD-004 Exploratory Research Continuing
Predictive Ternary Reactions for Stellar Nucleosynthesis 22-LW-003 Lab-Wide Final
Putting the Super Back In Supernova 23-LW-044 Lab-Wide Continuing
Revealing the Mystery Mode: Understanding the Nuclear Decay Mechanism that Governs Formation of the Universe's Heavy Elements 23-LW-034 Lab-Wide Continuing
Reverse-Engineering the Neutron-Nucleus Interaction 21-ERD-006 Exploratory Research Final
Searching for the Edges of the Nuclear Landscape 23-LW-025 Lab-Wide Continuing
Target Production Using Additive Manufacturing 23-FS-010 Feasibility Study Continuing
The Biggest Bang for Your Buck: Pioneering a Nuclear Science Program Guided by Artificial Intelligence 23-SI-004 Strategic Initiative Continuing
Towards Three-Dimensional Neutron Imaging with Light-field Technology 23-FS-053 Feasibility Study Continuing