Gallium Arsenide Semiconductor Opening Switches for Pulsed Power Systems

Caitlin Chapin | 23-ERD-031

Executive Summary

We will investigate the theory, modeling, and design of silicon and gallium arsenide semiconductor opening switches resulting in a new class of opening switches capable of nanosecond risetimes while cutting off two orders of magnitude more current than drift step recovery diode switches, currently built at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. This work will address the gap in the understanding and manufacturing capabilities of high-power opening switches between the United States and international community for pulsed power applications.

Publications, Presentations, and Patents

Shao, Q., et al. (2023). Semiconductor Opening Switches with Eliminated Pre-pulses. Record of Invention: IL-13828.

Chapin, C.A., et al.,"High Voltage, Nanosecond Solid-State Switches." Directed Energy Systems Symposium. Monterey, CA. 2023.  Abstract accepted.