Nuclear Detective Work in the Early Universe: The Mysterious Origin of Protein-Rich Stable Nuclei

Andrew Ratkiewicz | 22-LW-029

Executive Summary

We will determine if the neutrino-p astrophysical process can create proton-rich stable nuclei by extending a Laboratory-pioneered nuclear-reaction measurement approach to a new class of reactions. If successful, we will enable measurements of interest to stockpile stewardship and nuclear astrophysics.

Publications, Presentations, and Patents

Matthew Williams, “Demonstrating inelastic proton scattering as a surrogate for (n,g) and (n,n'g)” (Poster Presentation, Annual Postdoc Poster Symposium, Livermore, CA, May 3, 2023).

Matthew Williams “Experimental Studies on the Nuclear Fingerprints of Massive Stars” (Presentation, i-process workshop 2023, Poseidonia Beach Hotel, Limassol, Cyprus, May 19, 2023).

Eunjin In, “Understanding collective nuclear excitations with microscopic HFB+QRPA calculations” (Poster Presentation, Nuclei in the Cosmos XVII, Institute for Basic Science Center Deajeon, Korea, September 19, 2023).