Enhanced Effect High Explosive Formulations

Alan Dehope | 23-FS-046

Project Overview

This work explored the feasibility of using a formulation-based approach to improve the performance of energetic materials, which are needed to meet current and future national security challenges. A high explosive (HE) formulation, tuned using the Cheetah thermochemical code, was prepared at the 300g scale in support a 1-inch diameter copper cylinder expansion experiment (CYLEX) in Livermore's High Explosive Applications Facility (HEAF). Results of the CYLEX experiment address modeling uncertainties related to size effects in this class of HE formulations. Experimental requirements for an upcoming exploration of this method of energetic materials design have been established under this feasibility study.

Mission Impact

One of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory's missions is to develop science and technology tools and capabilities to meet future national security challenges. The emergence of near-peer adversaries has highlighted the need for higher performing energetic materials. This feasibility study has contributed to our scientific understanding of the behavior of a new class of HE formulations, which will accelerate advances in this area.