Using Novel Measurements of the Diurnal Cycle to Improve the Precision of 40-year Atmospheric Temperature Trends

Stephen Po-Chedley | 23-FS-009

Executive Summary

We will produce a climatology of the tropospheric diurnal cycle of temperature using newly available CubeSat data and assess the feasibiity of using this data to improve diurnal drift corrections. This climatology can be used to correct diurnal drift biases in long-term and widely used records of atmospheric temperature change which will improve our ability to accurately monitor changes in Earth’s climate.

Publications, Presentations, and Patents

Po-Chedley, Stephen, John R. Christy, Cheng-Zhi Zou, Leopold Haimberger, and Carl A. Mears. 2023. “Tropospheric Temperature.” In State of the Climate in 2022, edited by Ellen Bartow-Gillies, Jessica Blunden, and Tim Boyer. S35 - S38.

Stephen Po-Chedley, Patrick Duran, and Tyler J. Thorsen, “Improving long-term records of tropospheric temperature with TROPICS” (Poster presentation, 2023 Joint Applications Workshop on the NASA TROPICS and CYGNSS Satellite Missions, Miami, FL., April 11, 2023).